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About NeoStem

NeoStem develops and manufactures cell therapies for its proprietary technology platforms and for the cell therapy industry.

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Cancer Immunotherapy

NeoStem is developing therapeutics that target cancer initiating cells, starting with a Phase 3 trial for melanoma.

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Enhancingthe body’s healing response

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Ischemic Repair

NeoStem is developing therapies to repair ischemia through the development and formation of new blood vessels.

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Rebalancingthe immune system

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Immune Modulation

NeoStem seeks to develop cell therapies using a person’s own immune cells as a therapeutic product to treat disorders of the immune system.

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Unlockingthe power of VSELs

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Tissue Regeneration

NeoStem is exploring the therapeutic potential of very small embryonic-like stem cells (VSELsTM) to regenerate or repair damaged or diseased tissues.

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Leveragingexperience in cell therapy

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Contract Manufacturing

NeoStem’s subsidiary, PCT, provides outsourced manufacturing capabilities to the cell therapy industry while supporting the development of NeoStem’s proprietary cell therapy products.

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News + Events

News + Events

NeoStem Announces Licensing of Patent Portfolio from the Rockefeller University Expanding its Cancer Immunotherapy Intellectual Property Portfolio September 11, 2014 - Learn More
NeoStem and PCT, A NeoStem Company, to Present at Multiple September Conferences September 9, 2014 - Learn More
NeoStem Letter to Shareholders September 8, 2014 - Learn More

NeoStem Blog

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