NBS10 Treatment Process

NeoStem is developing NBS10 a chemotactic hematopoietic stem cell product comprised of autologous bone marrow derived CD34/CXCR4 cells selected to treat damaged heart muscle following AMI (heart attack).  NBS10 is thought to work by increasing microvascular blood flow in the heart muscle via the development and formation of new blood vessels, thereby reversing the restriction of blood supply caused by a heart attack and rescuing tissue from eventual cell death. The treatment process works as follows:

  • A patient’s own bone marrow is harvested and a sterile pharmaceutical composition of stem cells found in the bone marrow, enriched for CD34/CXCR4 cells, is prepared using our patented technology.
  • The isolated cells are then infused back into the patient via catheter into the infarct-related artery 5 to 11 days following an AMI, which we believe to be the optimal time frame for cellular intervention, after the pro-inflammatory “hot phase” and prior to permanent scar formation, while the heart tissue is naturally and actively attracting CD34/CXCR4 cells.
  •  The cells are attracted to certain chemicals that are released in higher concentrations in oxygen-starved tissue and when they reach that tissue begin to orchestrate the process of building new blood vessels to restore blood supply and thereby enhance the function of the damaged heart muscle.
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