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Research & Development Overview

NeoStem, a leader in the emerging field of cell therapy, has a multi-pronged research and clinical development strategy, featuring multiple proprietary cell therapeutics at different stages of development. We invite you to learn more about our cell therapeutics, stem cell research, and future development of these technologies by clicking through our website.


Targeted Cancer Immunotherapy Program

Targeting cancer

NeoStem is developing therapeutics that target cancer initiating cells, starting with a Phase 3 trial for melanoma.

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Ischemic Repair Program

Enhancing the body’s healing response

NeoStem is developing therapies to repair ischemia through the development and formation of new blood vessels.

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Immune Modulation Program

Rebalancing the immune system

NeoStem seeks to develop cell therapies using a person’s own immune cells to treat disorders of the immune system.

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Tissue Regeneration Program

Exploring the incredible power of VSELsTM

NeoStem is exploring the therapeutic potential of very small embryonic-like stem cells (VSELsTM) to regenerate or repair damaged or diseased tissues.

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