Tissue Regeneration

Discovering the Power of VSELsTM

Since 2007, NeoStem has been engaged in research and development of new therapies and adult stem cell technology based on human very small embryonic-like stem cells, or VSELTM Technology, with the University of Louisville Research Foundation and other academic partners. VSELTM Technology offers the potential to go beyond the paracrine effect, yielding cells that actually differentiate into the target tissue and create true cellular regeneration. Our studies to date suggest that human VSEL stem cell have the potential to differentiate into cells of each of the three germ lineages in animal models. Recently, research sponsored by NeoStem at the University of Michigan has demonstrated that VSEL stem cells can regenerate bone in a mouse model. NeoStem is also seeing progress in animal models of wound healing and further intends to begin the first human clinical trial for VSELTM Technology for periodontitis. NeoStem holds a worldwide exclusive license to VSELTM Technology and continues to focus on developing these cells into therapies in a cost-effective manner.

Research by a group headed by Dr. Mariusz Ratajczak, M.D., Ph.D., head of the Stem Cell Biology Program at the James Graham Brown Cancer Center at the University of Louisville, co-inventor of VSELTM Technology, provides compelling evidence that bone marrow and other organs of humans contain a heterogeneous population of stem cells (VSELs) that have properties similar to those of embryonic stem cells. This discovery offers the possibility of capturing many of the key advantages associated with embryonic stem cells without the ethical or moral dilemmas and without some of the potential negative biological effects associated with embryonic stem cells. NeoStem and our collaborators have shown that VSELTM stem cells can be mobilized from the bone marrow into the peripheral blood and collected by apheresis. The possibility of autologous VSELTM treatments is yet another huge potential benefit of this unique population of adult stem cells.Please explore these pages to learn more about the history of VSELTM Technology development, the supporting peer-reviewed literature on these cells, details on NeoStem’s current on-going studies with VSELs and stem cell technology, as well as our significant funding achievements through government sources.

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