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Adult Stem Cell Banking

NeoStem Adult Stem Cell Collection and Banking

Save your cells for a healthy future

Just as you would plan for your financial future, you can plan for a healthy future by storing your adult stem cells in a cell bank. Regardless of your age, collecting your adult stem cells and storing them in a cell bank will ensure that your adult stem cells will be available for your use if needed in the future.

In an ideal world, every healthy adult would collect their adult stem cells as a preventive measure in case of a future unforeseen illness or medical situation in which their own adult stem cells could possibly hold the key to a cure. Banking your own adult stem cells gives you the comfort of knowing that they will be available quickly should the need arise.

Like all cells in the body, adult stem cells age and their production declines over time.
Collect your adult stem cells today to maximize the amount of healthy cells available for your future use.