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Our Process

Cord Blood Collection

Let your obstetrician know that you will be having your baby’s cord blood collected.  On your delivery day, simply bring your complete cord blood collection kit to the hospital with you and give it to your obstetrician.

The collection process is easy and painless and does not interfere with the delivery or subsequent care of your newborn or yourself. After your baby is born, but before the placenta is delivered, your obstetrician or midwife places two umbilical cord clamps closest to the baby’s belly button. The cord is then cut per your arrangement with your obstetrician.  Your obstetrician then cleans a 4-to-8 inch area of umbilical cord with antiseptic solution and inserts the blood bag needle into the umbilical vein draining the cord of the blood by gravity into a sterile blood bag. The blood bag is clamped, sealed and labeled. The collection typically takes approximately 3 minutes.  The cord blood bag is then placed in the box and stays with the mother until the cord blood is transported.  Additionally there are four tubes of blood drawn from the mother that will be used for diagnostic testing as required by law.

Please note that cord blood may only be collected at time of birth.


After the cord blood and maternal blood collection, call our 24-hour customer service number 1-888-STEM-BANK (1-888-783-6226) to arrange for the collected cord blood to be picked up for transportation. An experienced medical courier will arrive at the hospital and transport your baby’s cord blood and maternal blood samples to our laboratory.

Processing and Storage

One we receive your samples in our laboratory, we test the viability of the stem cells and conduct viral disease screenings. Your newborn’s cord blood cells are then processed by medical technologists specializing in the handling and preparation of stem cells for storage in liquid nitrogen (cryopreservation).

After your cord blood has been successfully stored, you will be mailed a certificate confirming that your baby’s cord blood has been successfully stored in our cGMP operated cryopreservation bank, as well as the applicable test results.

Available for life

Your baby’s cord blood will remain safely cryopreserved in our laboratories.  Should you need access to your stem cells at any time, call us at 1-888-STEM-BANK (1-888-783-6226) to discuss the process for retrieval.

Congratulations! You now have the assurance that your baby’s cord blood is available should your baby or family members need it in the future!