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Suite 350
New York, New York 10170
Telephone: 1.212.584.4180

Simple Steps to Enroll

Simple Steps, a Lifetime of Potential

Enrollment is as easy as 1-2-3

1. Download your enrollment forms.

Enrollment Agreement

Informed Consent

Maternal Medical History Form

Surrogate Medical History Form

Contact Information

2. Complete the forms* and submit them via mail, email or fax to:
NeoStem Family Storage
4 Pearl Court, Suite C
Allendale, NJ 07401
Attn: Cord Blood Enrollment

Lee F. Clough, RN, HP (ASCP)
Director, Clinical Affairs & Apheresis
Fax: 646-514-7787

*All forms must be fully completed in order to process.

3. Select your preferred storage option and submit initial fees.

That’s it!  Once your enrollment is processed you will receive confirmation via email/call and a cord blood collection kit will be rushed to your door for you to take to the hospital at the time of delivery.

NeoStem Family Storage is the only cord blood bank that will ship your kit overnight!

For specific questions on enrollment, call 1-888-STEM-BANK (1-888-783-6226) to speak with a customer service representative.